Characteristics of the British Percheron Horse


The British Percheron Horse is essentially a heavy draught horse possessing great muscular development combined with style and activity.  It should process ample bone of good quality, and give a general impression of balance and power.

2.Colour for both Stallions and Mares:

Grey or Black with a minimum of white.  Skin and coat should be of fine quality.  No other colour is eligible for entry in the Section ‘I’ of the Stud Book.  Chestnut (Sorrel) foals born to parents registered in section ‘I’ will be eligible for registration in section ‘X’ of the main stud book only.


Stallions must not be less than 16.3hh and Mares not less than 16.1hh. Width and depth must not be sacrificed to height at maturity.


Wide across the eyes, which should be full and docile; ears medium in size and erect; deep cheek, curved on lower side, not long from the eye to nose; intelligent expression.


Strong neck, not short, full arched crest in case of stallions, wide chest, deep well-land shoulders; back strong and short; ribs wide and deep, deep at flank; hind quarters of exceptional width and long from hips to tail, avoiding any suggestion of a goose rump.


Strong arms and full second thighs, big knees and broad hocks, heavy flat bone, short canons, pasterns of medium length, feet of reasonable size, of good quality hard blue horn.  Limbs as clean and free from hair as possible.


Typical of the breed; straight, bold, with a long free stride rather than short snappy action.  Hocks well flexed and kept close.

8.Average Weight:

Stallion – 900 to 1000 kilos 

Mares – 800 to 900 kilos